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If you are looking to use nature or gardens to enhance wellbeing outcomes at home or in your workplace, then you need to get the right advise. Humanscape’s team of design and health consultants have considerable proven experience delivering environmental design concepts and solutions for Therapeutic Landscapes and Horticultural Therapy programs, as wells professional development and training.

Evidence Based Design

Research has shown spending time in nature provides an extraordinary range of health and well-being benefits to humans. As a result providing or enabling regular access to nature has become an important part of organisational physical and mental health strategies.

In response to rising demand to deliver nature based wellbeing solutions, Kevin Heinze GROW launched HUMANSCAPE - a new initiative providing inspiration, consultation, advice and training to organisations and community groups seeking to develop Therapeutic Horticulture and Nature Based; landscapes, gardens and programs.


Humanscape are dedicated to helping clients deliver higher standards of care, and workplace culture, though enabling and supporting better human / nature connections.

With meaningful connections, organisations and individuals can benefit as a whole; physically, mentally and spiritually.

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A Strong History......

Humanscape has been developing for a number of years, under various Kevin Heinze GROW and community based projects, and has over 35 years experience providing specialised Horticultural Therapy, consultation and design and training to a broad range of individuals, government and community organisations, ensuring the benefits of nature, gardens and green spaces are made readily accessible to as many people as possible.

With this strong history, Humanscape is well qualified to provide the quality consultation, design and professional development you need..

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Why Engage Humanscape?


There are many examples of healing, sensory or therapy gardens being built with great enthusiasm, but sadly they become neglected or abandoned because they were developed without proper pre-planning, understanding, research or the right professional consultation.

When you engage Humanscape in the early phases of conception, design and development it will help avoid costly mistakes and ensure your therapeutic gardens are successful, sustainable and beneficial to your community, organisation or business. Humanscape also has direct alliances with Australia's leading authorities in Horticultural Therapy… Whatever the size, budget or audience of your next garden therapy or green space project, Humanscape is confident it can provide solid, qualified and practical advice to your projects.

There is no one team more qualified than Humanscape to deliver advice and direction on nature or horticulture based therapy programs, design and therapeutic environments.

How we'll work with you...

  • Systematically gathering input from all stakeholders to understand user requirements and expectations
  • Gathering relevant data such as orientation, services location, potential risks and opportunities
  • Workshop relevant issues such as, resources, therapeutic outcomes, programs, maintenance and staff training
  • Present ideas to enhance the function of the outdoor space to maximise its uses and accessibility
  • Provide creative solutions to ensure everyone is attracted to interact in and with the garden
  • Provide concept drawings, plans and detail descriptions of the design
  • Provide professional credibility and research evidence
  • Provide landscape design and plans ready for build
  • Work with developers and landscape architects to translate therapy concepts
  • Assist individuals and organisations by representing their interests throughout the construction process
  • Evaluate existing horticulture therapy programmes and developments
  • Advice on HBT programme sustainability and garden use
  • Customise training for staff and volunteers working in 'green, therapy spaces'
  • Mentoring and coaching of staff to enable them to develop HBT skills

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When you engage Humanscape in the planning stages of a program or landscape, you can feel assured that you will meet the needs of the users and that you will be providing meaningful therapeutic benefits and engagement for all. …

Therapeutic Design

Any garden or space can be transformed into a meaningful, sensory, and therapeutic space by the Humanscape team. We work closely with you to identify barriers and opportunities and provide practical and affordable recommendations to bring about positive change, engagement and results.

Professional Development & Workshops 

To address the growing demand for nature and garden based therapies, over 40 years experience delivering Therapeutic Horticulture outcomes to a wide range of people, is being packaged into relevant, informative and inspirational workshops. These workshops are excellent for those wanting to gain confidence an knowledge on the application of Nature and Therapuetic Horticulture

The Team

Humanscape draws knowledge from Australia's most experienced horticultural based therapy practitioners, they also collaborate with key industry experts on a needs basis. The teams knowledge is further enhanced by proven experience in complimentary industry sectors, and a unique mix of formal qualifications.   It is through previous work, delivering horticulture therapy based outcomes to leading organisations, that Humanscape have the confidence to provide the highest quality horticultural therapy based consultation and advice to the greater community.

Dr Chris Reed

Our lead consultant, practitioner is Dr Chris Reed, is qualified in health science, disability, teaching horticulture and landscape design. Dr Chris first started working in the field of horticultural therapy at a disability service in rural Victoria, Australia in 1981. Over the past 35 years he has strongly advocated for the use of gardens and garden activities for health, wellbeing and human empowerment. Chris also advises both government and the non-government sector on the benefits of gardens and green space for human health. Chris completed his PhD on horticultural therapy at Deakin University where he remains a member of the University's Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group. Chris is a regular contributor to horticultural and landscape journals and has spoken on the subject of horticultural therapy at numerous conferences, public meetings and on the radio.
Chris brings his wealth of knowledge and guidance to the team…

Rani Blake

Consultant Designer Rani Blake is deeply passionate about introducing people to the benefits of nature and creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to access nature, and to know how to use nature as a therapeutic tool. Rani has a background in a variety of design modalities, facilitation and therapies, and brings to the business the fundamental skills and life experience which are required to work in this role. Successful therapeutic garden design requires a unique ability to create inspired environments which feel supportive, safe and enlivening. By listening to, understanding and interpreting the requirements of clients, Rani is able to ensure projects are practical, achievable and address the individual needs of each of the unique populations.

Mel Holmes

Jasmine twiner extraordinaire and lover of all things purple… Mel uses her training as an Occupational Therapist to inform other of Horticulture as a powerful medium to improve the human condition. Though she is convinced that Horticulture as a treatment medium has a reach far beyond a mundane and simple activity. She aspires to be a fabulous Hort therapy Practitioner and has seen the power of the use of nature to promote wellbeing and develop abilities.   Mel is also committed to developing programmes and resources around 'Therapeutic Horticulture for beginners' and is planning further studies in the subject.

Humanscape's team of design and health consultants have the necessary knowledge to provide expert assistance, from the inception of healing or therapeutic garden projects through to programmes that can be facilitated from within the spaces.

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