Middle Park Primary School

Middle Park Primary School - Nature Play and Indigenous Inspired Garden REGIONAL AWARD WINNER Of 2017 VSGA (Victorian School Garden Awards .. {...} read more

Gardening and Sunlight for Mental Health

As the days get shorter and the full bloom of the autumn onslaught fades it could be helpful to consider that being out in the garden and di .. {...} read more

So.. Who are we & What do we do?

The aim of Humanscape is to provide a comprehensive range of expert assistance including: 1) Design green spaces that encourage participation .. {...} read more

New Design and Consultaion Service

In response to rising awareness and acceptance that connecting people with nature improves physical and mental health and wellbeing, and gro .. {...} read more


    Horticultral Therapy

    Horticultural Therapy is the formal or informal process of using plants, NATURE - CARE SENSORY improve the body, mind and spirit of people for all backgrounds and abilities. it is goal oriented with defined outcomes… If you dream of a healthier.

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