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Humanscape has evolved over the past few years under Kevin Heinze Grow, during which time  Dr Chris Reed and his team identified a growing need for professional consultation services around planning, design and management of resources, required to run successful horticultural based therapy gardens and programmes

In response to this increase in demand for services,  Humanscape have provided expertise, advice and services to a range of clients including; private home residential, educational facilities, community and disability services, healthcare and aged care, and specialist residential services. And have developed many gardens and environments, of varying shapes, sizes and purposes; healing and sensory gardens, and rehabilitation gardens, to vocational, school gardens, and horticultural therapy gardens.

A sample of our projects and testimonials has been provided to help you better understand what therapeutic, inclusive and enabling gardens might look, sound or feel like.

Middle Park Primary School - Nature Play and Indigenous Inspired Garden

Significant changes to the MPPS school's environment have been made since the school decided to implement strategies that support it’s understanding of the importance of our environment and green spaces as a essential learning tool and supports for wellbeing. Multiple projects are underway to enhance students experience and bring our school closer to it’s environmental, community and wellbeing goals.



Research strongly supports the importance of free, creative and imaginative play for children. particularly those growing up in urban communities. Regular playground equipment often predicts behaviors; up down, in our etc. Natural materials placed in random formations allow for more creative un-prescribed play



Instead of focussing on one area such as a vegetable garden as a learning space, MPPS is working towards making the whole school an inspirational, sensory and educational learning space. In the past MPPS was fortunate enough to engage Landscape Architect Mary Jeavon (my all time favourite) to design the Prep Area and Outdoor Classroom which has meant little needed to be done or spent to achieve great results from the recent enhancements.


The New indigenous garden was a larger project but was kept to a reasonable price though community involvement. The rest of the school has had a touch of green using lunchtime nature based actives to ensure the entire school grounds are supportive and inspiring..


Residents of kalkee enjoy the benefits of their new outdoor environment since it's renovation... Simple additions to the garden were made such as a clothesline, wood stack and garden beds, to enable residents to continue engaging in familiar everyday activities.  Which is proven to be essential to retention of mobility, cognition and self esteem.

Hand crafted the timber benches were built by the local community TAFE and included resting place hand rails which replaced the outdated, institutional style metal railing that can be seen in many residential facilities.  Planting has soften the landscape further with carefully chosen varieties which engage residents, through colour, texture, reminiscence and meaning.

Interactive Tree Of Life....

The tree is a symbol of life and provides unlimited concepts from which we can draw great meaningful conversations to facilitate therapeutic outcomes ... Here at Gladswood the tree with deep emerald leaves stands boldly against the ocean blue wall. As the seasons change the leaves are changed to warm autumn colours - through to blossom in springs.


Gladswood is a residential care facility, where residents are largely facility bound. The space became"Their space"; a space that is of relevance to them and is representative of their life. The environment must be interesting or fascinating enough to draw people to the space, including residents, family staff and visitors. And include as many relevant elements as the space can contain. It is not static but has opportunities for constant change to keep up the level of interest. Residents are encouraged to maintain their garden; sweeping, weeding, raking, planting and harvesting are all valuable activities and provide light exercise. The space is light hearted and be fun. If it looks a bit "daggy", that is of little concern if people enjoy their time in the garden.

The Red Tree

This is an original piece! Which due to its popularity has been replicated in many gardens and facilities around victoria. It is fascinating, cheap, quirky and invites a myriad of comments, thoughts and conversations....Designed to make a statement... this piece provokes more engagements than many other standard garden pieces...

Kevin Heinze Grow

Kevin Heinze Grow has supported thousands of people over it's years of operation... helping people of all abilities to engage in community and work skills development. The gardens and therapy spaces are every changing... they are alive and rich with real life lessons and they tell the story of those past and present who have been involved.

By using the garden as a tool for therapy it remains relevant and meaningful to users and visitors alike.

Book in for a tour to learn a little more about the benefits of horticultural therapy and to see it in action.

Horticulture As Therapy

Working together on a potting up project, brings rise to the acquisition of skills such as conversation, procedure, fine & gross motor, concentration, persistence, resilience, connection and team work. Here the table contains potting mix in its center and can seat a group of 8 comfortably.

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